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Contact Lenses: Discount and Rebate, words to live by.

When shopping for contact lenses, "discount" and "rebate" are common words that many people in the U.S. and Canada do not understand. But they should because both words mean paying less for their contacts, and in today's economy, every penny saved can most certainly be used elsewhere.

The difference between the two words is inconsequential in the long run as they both mean you will be paying less than full price for your contacts. What does matter is when you get the savings. With discounted prices, the seller has reduced the price upfront, meaning you pay a lower price when you checkout. When a product is advertised as rebated, that normally means you will pay the full price at checkout, then need to turn in a receipt and a form to the manufacturer to receive a portion of your purchase price back. Usually these types of promotions are offered on a brand name lens, meaning you may be able to get a name brand lens for the same or lower price than an off brand. The difference in price makes it worth your time to evaluate the differences.

Discount lenses often mean different things to different people. In some cases, the price is slashed at the time you pay for your contacts. In other cases, you won't see the real cost savings until later, after you file a rebate form with the manufacturer. In the long run, both options mean you save money on the contacts you purchase in order to give you the crisp, clear vision you really want.

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